Where Should I Go After Graduation?

After graduation, some of us don’t know where should we go, where should we make our first step. Like I wrote before, post-grad life is the beginning of not living in an institution, the beginning of we make our milestone. No one will ask us to do this and that and also no one will appreciate us for a good job we have done. We walk by our souls from this phase, and it looks like a blank sheet, but we don’t know which side we should start.

If you know your milestone after graduation, congratulations! You are cool, go ahead! But some of us don’t know where should we make our first step.

In fact, our society has a template milestone of post-grad life, try to realize it from the template questions you got from society after graduation :

“Hey, have you got any work? Where? What is your work?” — getting a job;

“Hey, when will you marry?” — marry;

“Hey, have you had a child now?” — having a child.

That is the template that I can describe from the society I meet. Some people even asked about “having a house or an apartment”. This is not wrong, most of us would do this template in their life. But I think the milestone is not simple as that questions, that template is just a form where we need to fill the blank with our visions this template is not the milestone, it is just a template form and we need to fill the blank. the question is, “What kind of job do you want? Is the job where you paid enough? Is the job where you have to do many things and paid not as much as your work? What kind?”. The society may have the template, but how to do the template depends on us, our struggle and visions would make our template color different from the others. How to color your template? :

  • Follow your curiosity

When we are surfing in some platforms and look at some job vacancies, we ask ourselves, “Is this my passion?”, “Is this my visions?”, “Does this relate to my major in college?”,”Is this I want to do?”, and so on. We are not really sure about some job vacancies we see.

If you know your passion, congratulations! Give it a try and go ahead!

If you don’t know whether a job vacancy is your passion or not, whether a job vacancy is something you love or not, follow your curiosity and let your curiosity lead you to make a decision and guide your step! Some of us don’t know or not really sure what is our passion and what we love, but it’s not the reason for us to not make a new step. Follow your curiosity, and have a little good faith in your step! You never know how your good faith will blow you to somewhere you never imagine. There are many things in this world, and let yourself learn one and other things that you meet in your journey then.

I have a friend in International Law class back then who is not sure about his ability in the “Law”. When I helped him finish his thesis before graduation, I saw how hard he was finishing the law thesis, do something that he doesn’t want to do. He said he want to learn the business — he also had a coffee business when we were in college. Yes, right after graduation he learns the business, leaves the law, he follows his curiosity.

  • Fulfill the need in your condition

A day after I got a job, I met up with two friends before leaving Jakarta and moving to Bali. We were in the same specialization in the college back then, International Law. He said to me, “You are so lucky! You can choose what you really want to do meanwhile I have to do this because of my family’s condition”.

There are so many unexpected conditions after graduation. Sometimes that condition compels us to push out our ego and fulfill the need in that condition. If you think you have to fulfill the need, follow the need, do the step. It’s okay be kind! Don’t be afraid to do something good for what the universe has offered to you (the condition). We never know how our good faith will blow us to somewhere we ever wanted as our milestone in our life.

So I said to that friend, “Hey dude, it’s okay to do good things, your good heart will bring you somewhere good”.

As a fresh graduate, we don’t know that much, so :

  • don’t argue more than you know!
  • don’t be afraid more than you know!
  • Just follow your curiosity! Just fulfill the need in your current position! Don’t make an argument that makes you hesitate to walk!

There must be some hardships, but we will learn from the hardship to be an appropriate person to our final destination. We are still young, we can go right or left if we think our current position is not suited to your style. Just be flexible, learn everything, respect others, and do our best as a human! Good luck!